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The human mind, by nature, is curious, inquisitive and above all, selfish. It seeks and desires good feelings and tries to reject the unpleasant ones. In doing so, it spins a sinister web of attachments and detachments around itself. It tries ways and means to acquire its desire. Naturally then, the mind becomes a battleground of sorts. There`s one way to pacify the mayhem is meditation. In the simplest of terms, Meditation aims to help achieve a very objective outlook to life and equanimity of mind. And in effect, to understand the cause of sorrow and joy and of all the worldly attachments. The end result is quite phenomenal - liberation from all kinds of the bonds & nots and achieving enlightenment.

Satya Sadhna Kendra (Meditation Centre) at KushlayatanHaving learnt and practiced the unique technique of Meditation, Acharya Shri Jin Chandra Suriji set up a Satya Sadhna Kendra (Meditation Centre) at Kushlayatan in Nal. Satya Sadhna camps are being conducted here on a regular basis .There is no course fee. The courses are conducted for a period of 10 days and anyone who wishes to practice the technique has to stay in the premises of the center for the entire duration.

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