Kushla Aushadhalay


Run-through of Aushadhalay

Kushla Aushadhalay is the name of the healthcare center that ran by the Kushlayatan. It is situated inside the territory of the Kushlayatan in Nal, nearby Bikaner. This Aushadhalay aims to maintain people healthy by treating them with medicines. We possess a team of doctors that are experts in their niche and realise the sanctity of Human Life. They came across from all over the country to serve the notion of humanity. This segment of Kushlayatan runs smoothly with the assistance of the trust of Jain Yati Gurukul Sansthan. Here, for anyone can come who are facing any issue with their health, our doctors do the necessary test and then give the apt medicine.

Our thinking behind the act of helping is:

“Helping you live longer, healthier, and better”.

Short description of Aushadhalay

A Monthly donation that came up to us from all of you shows how you all become a part of this motive. We are ensuring everyone receives that fighting chance to live and become fit as a fiddle. As a non-profit organization, we asked for funds and raised them so that we can stand rigid on our motive to aid everyone in their hour of need. Constant funding enables us to provide sustainable solutions to people rather than temporary one’s. When we receive the funding, we can plan for the long term and then enhance our execution of the service along with maintaining the Inventory.

As a group marching toward humanity, we intend to make people prosper, glad, and happy. Each Individual of the masses has the right to attain Education, Medication, and Food. We are trying our best and hoping that everyone will join us so we can build a finer society.





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