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Kushlayatan is all about making a man stand on his foot; without enlightenment, it is next to impossible. We emphasize creating a place with tranquillity so that people can focus on themselves rather than any distractions. A mansion is placed inside the whole structure of Kushlayatan that is truly dedicated to the course of study. Anyone can make their way into this Pustakalay and can read, learn and also perform meditation. It is because people need concentration and have to sit for long hours to analyze any content truly and extensively. Hence, Kushlayatan creates a serious and strict code of conduct or behavior that every person needs to follow. It is necessary as only the aura can become suitable for the motive we need to serve from this place.

Code of conduct:

  • Pustakalay is so calm and peaceful; thus, to get an entry here, all the readers need to come between 7 AM to 9 PM.
  • Make sure to look out for the available time slots for the library with the management, as many people come daily.
  • Engrave into your mind that bringing food inside the premise of the library is strictly prohibited.

About Library

To know one step ahead about this Pustakalay of Kushlayatan, run your eyes on the prime highlights of its specification.

  • The Library has a wide and large reading hall with carpeted space. It can occupy more than 200 people at one time.
  • It is positioned inside the area of Kushlayatan, so it remains under 24/7 surveillance by CCTV cameras and security. They make sure that nothing hampers your learning period.
  • The facility of E-learning and E-book in the Digital Library is also provided, but it works only on a request basis.
  • Pustakalay is well-equipped with comfy chairs and reading tables so everyone feels snugged inside.





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