Kushla Vidyapeeth


Story of Origination

The emergence of Kushla Vidyapeeth can be witnessed back 25 years now. The existence of this school is the first school in this place called Naal Gaon. It happened when there was no service of roads, the infrastructure was an imagination, and basic facilities were unavailable. The idea of forming this Vidyapeeth arises in the mind of Shri Guru Chandra Suriji Maharaj.

Facilities of this Vidyapeeth

Vidyapeeth is not different from a school, and they focus on all-around development along with nurturing progress. This school has the class from 1st to 8th in English Medium through which they impart Education. It is almost the same as every morning students come here in a line and gather in an open prayer space. Succeedingly, they went to the meditation hall where they do meditation for 30 minutes every day. In many instances, Shri Guru Chandra Suriji Maharaj himself came to teach Meditation and, in addition to this, told them some significant skills crucial for life. Through those skills, they can calmer their mind and the emergence of Anger. After this, they went to their respective class and took classes in several subjects. Kinder Garden has special teachers that teach students by prioritizing thought so that they don’t feel suppressed or compelled to study.

Performing daily meditation is a trademark of Vidyapeeth of Kushlayatan, which makes this Vidyapeeth separate from all other schools. Besides the Educational context, Vidyapeeth focuses on organizing frequent exercise sessions along with Outdoor games so that they evolve or fit physically. It will let them increase their stamina, agility, and endurance. On the other hand, the cultural event that is themed with their roots deeply stuck within the National Culture also took place. To make them sharp and to take them along with this world, the study of computers happens here in parallel with some sessions of Art and Culture.

Word of Mouth from Principal

At Kushla Vidyapeeth, we believe that the child is at the centre of all learning. We are a K-8 school catering to an age group from 3 to 14.

Since our existence, we have always been a pioneer and a trend setter in the field of education. We have always been futuristic in our approach towards education and schooling.

Our aim is to prepare students to be future ready by understanding their hidden talents, strengths, passion, feelings, morality, spirituality and dwell through all those weaknesses within a child. Keeping this in mind, our curriculum is a rich blend of academic sessions and activities.

We believe that every child is unique and has got the capability, scope, whether it is a subject, sports or any other co-curricular activities.

Our social-emotional curriculum, practising of Satya Sadhana helps in developing each individual’s capabilities, benefiting them to grow as a better human being.

I welcome you all to experience our warm and positive school environment at KVP.





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